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     It's a great time to get carpets and air ducts cleaned.  People may not think of all the dust, allergens and any other germs that may have enter and settle in our carpets and air ducts. Carpets are like filters they collect a lot of germs and they do get full. Do you notice your carpet looks matted or dirty, do you have pets, wear your shoes in the house, have spill stains, there are many of reasons to get your carpets cleaned. If you have children and babies they are on the floor quite often and always putting things in their mouth like toys which a lot of times are on or were on the floor.  Our rotary cleaning system covers your carpet in all 360 degrees, every angle, so we can pick up  more dirt and grime then any traditional wand, which only goes back and forth.

      Air ducts are one area in your house you can't really see very well, but there is dust, allergens, and all kinds of germs. Stop blowing dust around and get your ducts cleaned today.

      Dryer vents are one thing most home owners don't even think about cleaning. Cleaning your dryer vent will help your clothes dry faster and less chance of something bad happening like a fire. Call today and schedule your fall cleaning. 

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Are you looking for a competent, reliable and flexible partner to clean your carpets, air ducts and dryer vents in the surrounding area? Then look no further - and welcome!

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